Karan Patel Steps in For Vikas Gupta on ‘Ace Of Space’

karan Patel will be seen as the host of the tv show ‘ Ace Of Space’. The original television reality show is hosted by Vikas Gupta. But now Karan Patel will step in when it came to fill in for him on his show ace of space. Karan Patel is all set to host this television reality show. Here complete details about new updates of MTV show Ace Of Space.

MTV Ace Of Space New Host: Karan Patel replace place of Vikas Gupta

Karan Patel all set to host an upcoming episode. According to reports Vikas is entering in a Big Boss season 12th’s house with his Pal Shilpa Shinde. While Vikas was part of the Bigg Boss 11th. Also, he was announced as the second runner-up of the show. While Shilpa Shinde was crowned as the winner of the 11 seasons of the show.

MTV Ace Of Space New Host

According to reports Vikas is entering in a Big Boss season 12th’s house with his Pal Shilpa Shinde.

Talking about his reason for choosing Karan to fill in for him. Vikas host of an Ace Of space, said “we needed a popular TV face. and someone who is straightforward and is respected for his work. Who better than Karan.

He will be hosting a segment in my absence. And I am sure that the audience will love him. Also had the deal not materialized with Karan another choice would have been Shilpa Ji Shinde. But she is going inside the house with me.

When Karan Patel was asked about it, he said “I have known Vikas for years. I have also followed a few episodes of the show. and he is doing a great job as the host. while because he has his own approach to the show.

I will bring mine to the table. While I have always enjoyed hosting. and it comes naturally to me. I am glad that I am getting to do what I enjoy.  can’t wait to fill in that space. He continued,” I won’t say that I am stepping in his shoes.

As we come with own experience and way to the project. I can assure you that, what you watch will be fun.  And it will be making an impact. I would do everyone very proud.

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