Divya Agarwal joins Varun Sood in a MTV India’s new TV Show Ace of space

Divya Gawarwal and Varun Sood will be part of the new tv reality show. Both television star will be part of the MTV India’s new television reality show titled as Ace of space. The television reality show will be host by the Vikas Gupta. The television reality show is all set to hit television screens from teh 20th October. Here are teh complete details about MTV India‘s new TV Show Ace of space. Also, check out some more detail related to the contestant of the show.

Ace of space proves to be the one of the most promising television reality show of this years. It is one of the most anticipated tv show. while fans have been waiting for this upcoming tv show.

MTV India's new TV Show

Vikas is now back with own reality show will be based on the MTV crunch’s concept ”Ace of space”

MTV India’s new TV Show Ace of space

Vikas Gupta has earned the tag of mastermind during his stint in Big Boss season 11. Taking that legacy forward, Vikas is now back with his own Ace of space. The television reality show will be based on the MTV crunch’s concept.

The tv show will test the patient an behavior of all contestant with playing their mind. and try to manipulate them. the contestant of the show will have to stay in a limited space. the participants in the show will have to face tough condition and situation. the participants of the show will either earned fame. or either they will lose their name through the television reality show.

Here is a sneak peak in the house

A lavish house away from the monotony of the world. With all luxury surrounding, you are a sight we all dream of. But no story ends without a dramatic twist! with just a blink of the eye and one wrong move, the room suddenly squeezes down tp unimaginably small size and survival begins.

What makes ace of space distinct and more grand from other captive reality show is the uniqueness of the room. For the first time on Indian television, you will see the contestant locked in the house either sleeping in a bathtub or gym benches or even sitting in kid-size chairs. it just gets crazier with a pletthora of drama and fights to mark one’s territory.

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