LifeIsMusic Digital music competition 2015 Registration Details


Music is the heart of The world. In India Music plate form is very popular & Famous. #LifeIsMusic is one of New India Musical Show. Musical journey that is transcends beyond the limitation of Language and boundaries.

#LifeIsMusic is Highlighting the true value of Musicians. This platform will search for India’s most-elite band. Participants from all over the country will be mentioned by none other than the three renowned maestros.

Watch the journey of these budding musicians unfold as they battle it out on India’s first digital music competition for the ultimate dream – their own band. Come, join in, as we celebrate music, instruments, rhythm, people and life!


Music Artists & Maestros

  • Pubayan Chatterjee
  • Taufiq Qureshi
  • Louiz Banks
  • Gino Banks
  • Shaikhar Naad
  • Mohini Dey

LifeIsMusic Digital music competition 2015 Registration Details



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