Vikas Gupta To Replace By Pearl V Puri In Ace of Space season 2

Ace Of Space is one of the popular television reality show on an Indian television network. Vikas Gupta is the mastermind behind this popular television reality show. Check Ace of Space Season 2 New House: Vikas to Replace By Pearl V Puri.

Vikas Gupta has hosted the first and second season of the television reality show. But according to exclusive sources Vikas Gupta will be replaced soon with the popular television actor. So check out complete details below.

Ace of space is one of the Unique television reality show of India. The TV show has a completely different concept from the other television reality shows. It is all about space and facing different challenges that will test your mental and physical strength.

Ace of Space Season 2 New House: Vikas Gupta to Replace By Pearl V Puri

Ace of space has become an exceptionally successful television reality show of India. Along with the different concept, Vikas Gupta is also one of reason season behind is a success. Fans will not be happy to see Ace Of space without their old Mastermind.

Vikas Gupta will not be able to keep on hosting this TV show. The reason behind quitting the show is not to disclose yet. But according to the news, he is busy with the other projects. And it is difficult to give 18 hours of the day to the Ace Of Space.

So New television star will be seen in the place of Vikas Gupta. The popular TV star and Naagin Fame Pearl V Puri will be seen as the host of the Ace of Space Season 2. Fans are curious to see how Pearl V Puri will manage this TV show.

The second season of the MTV ace of space is extremely entertaining. The TV show is filled with a lot of drama.

Ace of space season 2 will have their finals in the month of November. Popular celebrities such as Baseer Ali, Luv Tyagi, Rashmi Jha, Adnan Shaikh, Shruti Sinha and many more have participated in the show.

So stay tuned here to get the latest details related to the brand new TV show. Also, find out more details related to the auditions of the upcoming television reality shows.

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