COLORS Tamil Strengthens Weekday Primetime Content with Launch of Oviya

Tamil television networking channel Coors Tamil, the youngest Gec In Tamil Nadu is all set to present a fascinating and contrasting friendship in its new show. The upcoming tv show is tilted as Oviya.

The television show is all set to launch on the 26th of November. From 6:30 to 7:00 Pm on every mon To Friday. The show will feature the balance between two friends trying to overcome different challenges of life and keep their bond intact. Here are complete details about this upcoming show. Also check out some more information such as timing, cast, broadcasting details and more about ‘Oviya’.

COLORS Tamil  Weekday Primetime Content with Launch of Oviya

The show revolves around Oviya and Gayathri, who has two contrasting personalities and their long-term friendship is tested by their love interests. Oviya is from middle calls family. She is much liked by people around here.

She has a kind heart and sincerity. Despite being from a poor family, she believes in sticking to ideologies. While on the other side, Gayathri is from a rich family. She is manipulative and can do anything to achieve her goal.

Oviya is a content person and Gayathri is always in search of happiness. The show will feature the journey of two young girls develops between them due to their love interests form the center of the story.

Talking about the launch one show, Mr. Chandrasekaran Business head- Colors Tamil, Said” Oviya is yet another unique content that breaks away from the dreariness of everyday television soaps.

Colors Tamil celebrates and showcases the emotions, strength, and power of women in the right spirit through our fictions shows. A step forward in this path, Oviya will portray the willpower of every woman who fights the external and internal demon like a warrior on everybody basis.

I am sure, the show will be a fascinating story that is relatable and touching. Stay tuned for more updates related updates.

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