Koffee With Karan 6: Ajay Devgan And Kajol Back On couch again

Koffee with Karan season 6 will feature Ajay Devgan with Wife Kajol on the show. The teaser for the nest episode of the show has released. It seems that the upcoming episode of the talk show is going to be really fun. The couple will share some fun facts about them here are complete details about this upcoming tv show. Check out complete information below.

Koffee With Karan 6: Ajay Devgan And Kajol Back On couch again

In the first video Karan’s aks Ajay Devgan if they could make an effort to be friends, But Kajal sets the record straight and tells Karan that she doesn’t want him to be anyone else’s friend than hers.

During the rapid fire round, Karan quizzes Ajay which actor he would like to see opposite Kajol in a movie. Ajay cheekily asks if they would play her sons. Kajol Warns him that he as to go back home.

Koffee with karan

during games, Ajay seems confused about his wedding date. A disheartened Kajol tels him the correct answer.
In the second teaser, while talking about the social media, Ajay shared the problem is not clicking picture but taking three hours to correct it. And then post it. He also adds that Kajol has never done this her entire life, but wonders why she is doing it in her Bhuddhapa (Old Age)

This makes Karan Spill his coffee and laugh out loud. kajol, complained by telling him that he is old, she isn’t. During rapid fire round, Kajol is her usual fiery self.

When Karan asks her who has the hottest body in the business, she tells him they are all the same, he should instead ask her who their doctor is. Kajol also shares that Shah Rukh Khan is one to arrive late at a party and never apologise about it.

During his rapid, Ajay tells Kran that Kajol is the one who talks but he doesn’t listen. On being asked about one lie that every actor from the fraternity tells, Ajay being daring enough, replies, “I Love my wife” is what they say.

This episode will definitely treat for fans. It will feature a bunch of laughter and candid conversation.

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