The Voice India Kids 2 starting from November 2017 on AND TV

The voice India is an Indian singing reality show. The show is based on the Dutch singing show “the voice”.basically thy show is basically the part of a franchise of the voice. the show has a long chain of international franchise and it is one of them. The show is brought up by zee entertainment enterprise from Talpa john dee mol to telecast Indian version of the show. This show is produced by Endemol India.the Voice India kids show is only for kids. basically, the show has four teams under four coaches. the coaches will have each 14 members team. the coaches will be celebrity singers.

Basically, the show has four teams under four coaches. The coaches will have each 14 members team. the coaches will be celebrity singers.

The voice India kids have praised a lot in the entertainment industry the show has received a many nomination and awards. the show has created a good amount of fan following in India.

 Voice India Kids 2 starting

Format of the show

The blind audition: basically in this type of round, judges cannot see the contestant. during the performance of the contestant, each jury member has 90 seconds of time for the selection of the contestant. if jury members like the contestant. They can press “I want you”  button.and this is how they select their team.Blind Audition is basically knowing the talent of the contestant without knowing him personally.The artist cannot perform next if no artist selects them. if one artist is selected by the two or more judges. then the artist can select any judges he/she want

The battle round:  In this round, the coaches compete each other team. mentors or coaches guide their teams. they help kids to improve their skills.After battling with each other. mentors start an individual competition.

The Live Show in this round contestants competes with each other on the basis of votes. which is given by the audience. in this round, the elimination will depend on the audience.

Semi Finals: in this round, two contestants from the each team will be faced off. the on the basis of the judges’ points and the vote from the public.a contestant will be promoted in the next  round

Finals: The winner is chosen from the four contestants. the winner is selected on the basis of audience votes.

Mentors of the show :

Neeti Mohan, Salim Merchant, Benny Dayal are mentors of the show.

the show will be hosted by Gunjan Utreja and Sughandha Mishra

the show will have a premiere in November.

Broadcasting Channel: AND TV

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