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In just three days Dinchak pooja is so done with Big Boss house. the internet sensation is now popular for her entrance in house.  It seems like Housemates has got a new member to taunt.  housemates are making fun of her. and they were totally terrified that she has lice in her hair.

the current task. that involves camping in the garden area. dinchak pooja couldn’t go well with the task. The current task completely broke pooja’s confidence.  we already saw contestants were attacking each other during the task. after buzzer goes off, anyone contestant will be allowed to go inside the house. and quit the task.

the contestants from the other team were trying to convince pooja. to quit the task. and going inside the house. pooja is already not feeling well. and she considers to quit and enters the house.

shipa Shinde is already in the house when pooja walks in.  while talking to Shilpa Shinde pooja break down. she tells Shilpa, that she is not feeling good. And she is very upset from other housemates. because everyone is digging at her.  everyone is taunting her her. and making fun of her. she was very upset that everyone is judging her constant. despite she is genuine.  meanwhile, Shilpa was consoling her. and told her to take everything easy.

Pooja seems` weak in front of this housemates.  but it will be interesting to see pooja in the big boss ahead. It will be frustration and disappointment of being a judge so much.  while pooja is breaking down in front of Shilpa.  Housemates are discussing how gullible is she. and how easily she can be manipulated.

Shilpa is being kind to Pooja. she is definitely getting some extra points for her behaviour. while other housemates are constantly mocking pooja.

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