Big Boss 11, Salman Khan Expel Priyank Sharma From The House

The First week in the house was quite an action-packed. The show created a buzz in the viewers. Wheather . it was fought between Shilpa and Vikas.  Arshi and Hina Khan and  Zubair, everyone managed to get the attention of the viewer.  but, today’s episode so special, as we know. the today’s episode was with Salman Khan .”Weekend ka war with Salman Khan” is always fun to watch.The way he gets down the defaulter contestants is really fun.

The episode gets started with the Salman Khan’s Dabbang entry.This season Salman has room for himself. same as contestants. he also wakes up by jamming on the songs.Then Salman khan hints, that one more contestant can get outside of the house.then he gets started with the” weekend Ka  War”. And, first, he gives the highlights of the week. while talking about the week inside in-house. he told an audience that, the contestant used so vulgar language. that they couldn’t even show you.

Salman Khan Expel Priyank Sharma

salman khan says that weaker ones are getting the attack in the house. He also digs atArshi Khan, Akash Dadlani, and Shilpa Shinde.but contestant couldn’t even realize that.As Akash Dadlani, Shweta Shinde Are constantly picked out by the contestant.

when the contestants were asked who should sit down on a bull. everyone took Arshi’s name.Salman Khan also takes the class of the Zubair Khan. he told Zubair, that he is spoiling the name of his mother, family.  as well as he also told him, that he not doing anything. that he has said in an interview. salman khan was really pissed at Zubair. he even told him that he is portraying himself in a wrong image, in front of his children. while Zubai was replying Salman Khan As Bhai Jan. Salman  Immediately stops Zubair. He also clearly mentioned that  Zubair is faking everything.

salman khan also digs at Hiten Tejwani for not taking a stand against wrong things. Salman Khan also accuses Heena of supporting Zubair Khan. Akash Dadlani Told everyone that everyone is teamed up. and everyone is attacking Arshi and Shilpa.salman Khan Took everyone’s  class. and took a break from the contestants.

Behind the camera, Heena khan again started supporting Zubair Khan. says he is right if he is changing himself.after a break, Salman Khan showed everyone unscreened footage of them. and showed everyone their true color.

later Salman Khan mentions that abusive words, comments on the religion, assault are not allowed. according to the contestants’ contract. if he ‘ll find such things in the show if will evict the contestant. instead of living the show.

In the end, Salman Khan told Priyank Sharma to get out of the house. as he was evicted. on the basis of using abusive words and getting physical with contestants.

Salman Khan leaves the house and tells remaining contest will be announced tomorrow. Laters Hina said that if priyank will leave the house. she will also quit this show.

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Broadcasting Details: Colors TV

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