Big Boss 12 : the real reason Behind the neha pendse’s eviction

Last week of the Big Boss 12th  was very surprising. The sudden twist in the game brought was very shocking and surprising. last week big boss announced the midweek elimination from the popular contestant of the show, Sreesanth, Kar veer Bohra and Neha Pendse. eventually, Sreesanth got nominated from the show.

And he suddenly joined Anup in the secret room. While on Saturday both Karan veer Bohra and Neha Pendse were nominated. Neha Pendse got evicted from the show on weekend ka war with Salman Khan. the reason for her eviction was less amount of votes. But according to reposts, the truth behind her eviction is very different.

Check out the complete details related to the Big boss season 12th below. Also, find out the real reason why Neha Pendse hot evicted from the show in such less amount of time.

Big Boss 12

Big Boss 12 15 October: Real reason Behind the neha pendse’s eviction

According to reports, Neha got eliminated from the show, as she did not provide any content. The actress was getting paid the highest amount in the show. she was getting 20 lakh per week.

But as she was not providing any major content on the show. Makers chose to eliminate her. She didn’t create any content, cause she was playing the fair game. While she didn’t involve in any fights an controversy.  fans are extremely upset by Neha’s elimination. And they want her to come back on the show as wild card contestants.

She has said that since she was not aggressive, she got eliminated. She had also added as to why she wasn’t sent to secret room like Sreesanth and Anup. When she was asked who she think will win the game she mentions Romil. He is very smart and he plays by the brain.

When she was asked about what will she do when she will get wild card entry in the house she said”I will change my strategies first. because my goodness has been taking in the wrong way. I will show that I have another side of me. And no one will take advantage of my goodness”.

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