Big Boss, Here’s what will happen in the 18th October’s episode

In the Last episode of the big boss, the contestant did a lot of drama. All credit goes to a Luxury budget task. As always nominations are the main reason for all damages. but this time big boss introduces the toughest task.

For the given task. lawn area in the house was transformed into the junkyard. the contestants are dived into two teams. Vikas Gupta and puneesh are the leaders of a team. Hina Khan, Hiten tejwani and  Sapna Chaudhri and Mehjabeen siddqui are in  Vikas Gupta team. while, puneesh teammates include Akash Dadlani, luv Tyagi. bandi Karla, arshi khan, and Shilpa Shinde.

As per the direction is given by big boss for the task. contestants are required to rest their chins on respective stands.  And the opposite team will try to move their chins from the respective stands. the opposite team members can attack two members of each team.At only one time. The attacking team allowed to use everything to perform the task. Expect of applying physical force on the contestant.

first, it was puneesh teams to attack. and Vikas team to be on the chinrest.  And no doubt the puneesh teammates did not leave any chance to torture the opposite teammates.  Later, Vika Gupta was  playing aggressively in the game. He threw ice water with a lot of pressure. On the puneesh face.

Later, he was slammed by everyone for breaking the rule.  he also punished by the big boss. He lost his captaincy. and sent to jail.  Not just that, he won’t become captain again till he is in the house.

In today’s episode, puneesh’s team will be on the chin rest. And the Vikas team will be attacking. they have to play without Vikas. as Vikas is in the jail.  Not just that Vikas will be apologizing Shilpa Shinde.

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