Big Boss 11 11th October episode, Housemates vs Sapna Chaudhari

Today’s episode of big boss will be interesting. As always, housemates busy in feuding and arguing with each other. But this time all contestants are going To come together. as one team, against Arshi khan.  All contestant of the big boss is going to team up and Support Sapna Chaudhry.

Day by day  Big Boss 11 season is getting interesting. As a promised show is an entertaining audience with Lots of fights and drama. Vikas Gupta is creating a lot of drama. after a fight with Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta Is getting boycott by everyone. he’s friends left him. vikas Gupta gets a major breakdown in the show. and  In emotion, he leaves the Big boss house. but the Producer of the show brings Vikas in the house. the big boss tells Vikas to come in the confession room. big Boss warns Vikas not to break rules in the house.  otherwise, will get thrown out of the house. just like Priyank Sharma. Priyank Sharma evicted from the house by Salman Khan for raising his hand on Akash Dadlani. This time the makers and Salman Khan himself are very Serious about the rules.

Big Boss 11th October episode

Last night Arshi khan was the queen of the house, for a task. being the queen of the house she was ruling everyone. but Last night she crossed her limits. she told Sapna Chaudhry to give her Leg massage. sapna was definitely not agreed with her. but Hiten convinced  Sapna to do so, as part of the task. Arshi told Sapna that, she feels powerful after being queen. After the weeks of Drama, fights, she is finally having fun.

In today’s episode the housemates will team up against Arshi khan . and will give their backs to Sapna Chaudhari. Sapna has already decided to ruin arshi khan. as arshi had Always accused her. Sapna and another member of the house are already fed up of arshi khan.

so, today’s episode will be all about Arshi kan Vs Sapnna Chaudhari.hiten will decide the captain of the house. between Arshi and Sapna.

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