Big Boss11, 13th october Episode Preview and Highlight

Vikas Gupta has found a new enemy in the house. recently Vikas Gupta has become Captain of the house. he has given choice to select poor performer in the royal task. vikas then select shilpa as the worst performer in the task.

in today’s episode, Vikas ill choose Hina as Worst performer. and put in the jail. hina is also nominated for the elimination. vikas is taking revenge on hina. after putting her behind the barks. their argument will be heated enough.

Then padosis are also asked to select one contestant who did not perform well in the given task.

Big Boss11 13th october Episode Preview

In the previous episode,  Hina hadFight With Vikas Gupta over A task. hina Misunderstood the Direction lines given by Big Boss.  And gave wrong information to inmates. housemates got Furious over Her. Vikas argued with her. And called her hypocrite. hina got upsate. and got a breakdown for being called as an imposter. then she was replaced with padosis to perform the task with Vikas. The task was against Puneesh For captaincy.

A lot of confusion late, punish Shara and heena were nominated for captaincy. but as always big boss brought a twist. and told padosis to select string contender for captaincy. Padosi selected Vikas For a captaincy.

In the captaincy task, Vikas and Puneesh were hanging in the mid-air. And then the contestant who will touch the ground first will win. After an amazing team effort. Vikas won the task. And Declared as a captain of the house.

Later Vikas won the task . and became Captain of the house.

This is not the first time that Vikas and hina khan fought.  Earlier they had disagreements overtaking his stand. Then After Priyank Left the home. and Also when hina got Good tuning with Arshi.

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