Big Boss11, 19th October Episode, housemates receive gifts

Big Boss tells everyone that Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and Jyoti Sharma’s will cause an effect on the luxury task.   later, arshi than and hina khan are entered into the heated argument. Arshi Khan abuses hina Khan. Not only this she spits on hina khan. and tried to throw slippers on her.

Puneesh Sharma asks the big boss to spare contestant from the jail.  And then Big Boss ordered contestant to come out of jail. then, puneesh Sharma unlocks the jail. but, Vikas Gupta refuses to leave. while puneesh Sharma insists Vikas Sharma come out.  but, Vikas Gupta stays in the jail.

later, contestant celebrates Diwali festival, Arshi khan hugs shipa Shinde and gives her sweets. then big boss asks Vikas Gupta to come out of jail.

Big Boss gives everyone a picture of their family. and a gift box. but there is a twist in the game.  to unlock the gift contestant were given a task. housemates have to guess the message given by their families. so, that they can open the gift box.

first, the message was for Sapna Chaudhry and they guessed it right. later Vikas Gupta tells hina khan that worst part of being in the jail was arshi khan.

meanwhile, arshi khan gossips with puneesh Sharma about hina khan.

the second message is for arshi khan and contestant guessed it right. the third message was for hiten fourth message as for mehjabeen Siddiqui but contestant guessed it wrong. the fifth message is for Sabyasachi satpahy. but, again contestant guessed it wrong.  the sixth message for Shilpa Shinde and she guessed it right. The sevean message was a song. which was for hina khan. and she guessed it write. and the last message was for Akash Dadlani.

contestant celebrate Diwali by singing songs and clicking photos.

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