Big Boss11, 23 October’s Episode’s Highlights

The episode started with the fight between Hina khan and unlawful Akash Dadlani.  Akash Dadlani kept sleeping in odd hours.  He declared” ap mere liye ca[tain Nahi ho”. which pissed off hina khan. hina khan told Akash that he should be ashamed of yourself. And she decided to punish Akash Dadlani.  meanwhile, housemates were discussing lice in dinchak pooja’s hair. dinchak pooja was sitting in the kitchen. And searching lice in her hair. Arshi Khan Asks big boss to give Lice medicine.  while hina khan made fun of pooja by singing her song.

Akash constantly denies following captain hina khan’s instruction.  later Hina khan asks other housemates to not to save any food for Akash Dadlani. later, arshi khan quickly went to the  Akash Dadlani. and told him about hina khan’s planning. they both were making fun of ina khan by mimicking her.  pooja sing her song selfie Maine le Liya. and Akash raps with her.

Arshi Khan and puneesh were engaged in some intense planning. They were discussing nominations. and whom to select for nominations. But their planning made no use. because this time big boss bring a new twist in the nominations.  in this nominations, big boss himself will nominate contestants. he will nominate hose cintestant who broke rules in the show. arshi khan, punish Sharma, badgi Karla, shipla shinde, mehjabeen siddqui, and vikas gupta are nominated by big boss.  captain of the house Hina khan and wild card entry pooja was safe from the nominations.

then began the nomination tasks. Rishton ka Emtehhan. the task for the nomination had pairs of housemates. Standing on each side of a ‘Friendship Wall’.  With the nominee holding the partner’s hand. If the nominated contestant’s lets go of the partner’s hand within 30 minutes. Then he/she will be saved and the partner will be nominated.

hina gets a chance to be a partner with Akash. and she selects Akash for the nomination.

Shilpa, benafsha, luv tyagi, akash, jyoti.  and aksh are final nominated contestant.

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