Big Boss11, 26th October, Episode Preview

Finally, the luxury Task came to end. No doubt Luxury task brought a huge set of drama in the house. Contestants were trying hard to win the task.  Housemates crossed all limits. From involving their families to passing racial comments. And even questioning on each other’s abilities.  They did everything. and in the end blue team won the luxury task.

Vikas Gupta, arshi khan, Akash Dadlani. And  Jyoti Kumari, bandgi karala was in the blue team.

while in the red team rest of the housemates were involved. Red team’s participants were playing hard. none of them were quitting except Poja. while playing pooja quit the game and went inside the house. meanwhile, her team members were playing till the end. pooja’s teammates were upset. especially Hina was furious on Pooja.

so, when the big boss asks worse performer in the house. Everyone named Pooja. And sent pooja in the jail. pooja is having the worst time in the house.

The other teammates of the red team were upset. because after losing they all have to face strong criticism from the blue team. the garden area was set up like a courtroom.  And Sapna Chaudhari was asked to be a judge for the game. everyone from the red team had to write opinions. On basis of the performances in the task. hina khan receives major criticism from all housemates. while judge of the game Sapna Chaudhry loses her control.

In today’s episode, we will see Hina’s breakdown.  as all housemates accuse her. on basis of her performance in the task.  Hina was upset. and burst out tears.   sabyasachi finds her crying in the garden area.  Sabyasachi console hina.

Today’s episode is going to be eventful so far. stay tuned for more updates.

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