Big Boss11, 27th October, Priyank Sharma enters in the house

Finally Priyank Sharma renters in the house.  Fans of priyank Sharma will extremely happy, after seeing him in the house. No doubt Priyanka wild card entry was a most awaited thing.  Today’s episode will be interesting to watch.  Priyank made is way in the house. And no doubt his friends seems so excited. Benfica Sonwala and Vikas Gupta spotted extremely happy.

As soon Benafsha saw priyank coming inside the house. She ran towards him. And hugged him tightly. And started crying. on other hands, vikas Gupta couldn’t believe that  Priyanka is back.  Who was eliminated because of him and finally back in the house?

Things became normal in the house. as priyank make his come back on the show. the contestant was in the cheerful mood. Vikas have chat with Priyank.  And told him that he doesn’t trust anyone in the house.  while priyank was a bit upset with benafsha and he told her that clearly. today’s episode will be exciting to watch. as every contestant were in a good mood. and there will be less controversial drama in the house.

In the last night episode,  Dinchak pooja was asked to make one viral song.  she was making the song with the help of Akash Dadlani and arshi khan.  the three were in the jail.  and finally, the so-called pop queen made one song. and perform her art piece with her co-contestants.  the song was containing lyrics which was pointing out some characteristics of the contestant.  pooja’s song didn’t go well with Sapna Chaudhari, because of lyrics.  sapna became angry.  Pooja told her that it was arshi who wrote lyrics.  And Sapna was so furious on Arshi.  they both got into a major argument.  This time Sapna’s temper was never seen before.

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