Big Boss 11 Episode 8 highlights, Nominations

As always contestant started the morning, with jamming on the songs.In the last episode, Vikas was creating fights with everyone. In the starting of the morning, Shilpa and Vikas start arguing.

Later, Vikas starts to fight with Hina Khan. On the basis of her support to Arshi Khan. Claiming that asrshi was the Behind the eviction for Priyank. Hina slams him that Priyank evicted because of him only. Vikas breaks an egg on the floor. all housemates were furious at Vikas. but, then Vikas clean mess by himself.

The argument of the Vikas and Shilpa was continuously going on. as the day was progressing. While big boss announced the nominations.

Big Boss 11 Episode 8 highlights

This time nominations were different. the contestants have nominated other contestants whom they want to save. after hearing that, every contestant was asking vote from each other.

Jyoti gets maxim votes. Following her Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta, hiten, and bandgi Karla. The contestants were convincing each other for votes. to save them. hina khan gets zero votes.

meanwhile, padosis were discussing nominations of gharwale. After voting process. big boss declared that voting process is over. hina Khan, sShivani Durga, Vikas Gupta and Sapna Chaudhary are all nominated. later Big Boss asked padosis nominate any contestant for elimination. Padosis nominate Jyoti. cause, Jyoti didn’t stick to words.

Padosis have benefited. padosis can’t get eliminated from the show.

finally, padosis are introduced to gharwale. Big boss introduced padosis to gharwale as a family. big boss told gharwale to give them warm welcome.

Mehjabeen Siddiqui enters into the house. and received a warm welcome from arshi. Love Tyagi also made in the house. following both Lucinda Nicholas and Sabyasachi satpathy make an entry in the house.

Housemates are extremely for padosis. housemates are delighted to see new faces in the house.

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