Big Boss11 Not Contestant But Salman Khan breaking the rules in all season.

Big boss has been an always controversial show. since it has been started. It’s been an 11 season of the show. As we all know, tv show includes some tasks and games. while the contestants are living in the house for 3 months.they have to follow some rule to be in the house.  If someone breaks the rule then that contestant will get punishment.

Salman Khan is hosting this most controversial show for a long time. we have seen him slamming contestant, cracking jokes on them. but he always takes cares of all participants.

while the contestants of the big boss are always under pressure. They have to stay away from family for a long time. and also they have performed difficult tasks on the how. No doubt the contestants suffer mentally and physically.

In addition to that  Contestant get limited supply for food. But it seems that the host of the show. bollywood superstar Salman Khan has always been there for contestants.

recently the news came from zoom tv, Salman Khan has been feeding big boss contestant for many seasons. The big Boss contestant has limited supply to food for a week. So, Salman Khan gets homemade food for the all big boss contestant. Or arranges food for them quite often.

Many times Salman have heard contestant complaining about the food.  and often contestant request Salman for food. so, Salman gets everyone homecooked meal. and sometimes Salman gives money to an organizer. To arrange food for the big boss contestant.the statement has come from the sources.

recently the Lucinda Nicholas evicted from the show. Now, on the occasion of Diwali. The contestant would perform the big-budget task. they would get some money from the task. so, they could buy something for the festival.


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