Big Boss11, October 20th epiode preview: Here’s what to expect from tonight’s episode

Last nights episode was. housemates were celebrating Diwali. and everyone was in the joyful mood. But, the contestant came back to their usual mood. as soon as they done with celebrating Diwali.

During luxury Budget task. vikas Gupta attacked Puneesh Sharma. as per the rules, physical violence is not tolerated in the house. contestant involve in such attempt are thrown out of the house. so Vikas Gupta was punished by the big boss. and he ent to the jail as puneesh. and also he was stript of his captaincy.  plus big boss announced that Vikas won’t be able to be captain again.  And puneesh who was competing with the big boss. became temporary captain.

But, it is time to select new captain of the house. Big Boss announce that contestant has to select two contenders among themselves. the two contestants will compete with each other. so Sapna Chaudhry announces her name and also Hina Khan’s  name as the strong contender. and the ladies to one another to become the Captain. Bigboss gives everyone a Picture of their family as well as a Gift Box. So it Would be an Interesting for the Contestants of the Big Boss 11. However, Contestants Have to Guess the message Given by their Family to Unlock the Gift Box. The First Message for Sapna Chaudhary and they guess the Right Message given by Family. Seventh Message Song which is for Hina Khan and she Guess Right. People Like Arshi Khan and Benafsha Soonawalla are Not at all Happy with the contenders. While things Become Worse when Vikas Who can’t be the Captain House Got involved in the Task and Tried to Help Hina Khan. This thing didn’t go well for Sapna, who got an argument with Him.

Who has become the New Captain of the Big Boss? We will find out tonight.

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