Big Boss11 Priyank Sharma To Be Get Back On The Show After Eviction

In an only first week of the show, Priyank Sharma got eliminated from the house. During Weekend ka Vaar with Salman ” Salman threw him out of the house.  The drama started, with a fight between Akash Dadlani and Vikas Gupta. Akash Dadlani got personal with Vikas Gupta. Akash abused Vikas. so, Priyank became furious and raised his hand on Akash Dadlani. on  “weekend ka vaar” Salman Khan slammed him. on account of misbehavior in the show. Salman evicts him from the show.

After elimination Priyank Sharma did accept his fault. and said that, he didn’t mean to heart anybody.

Priyank Has got a long fan following. he was in splitsville and Rodies. He came in popularity when he was in splitsville. after Priyank left the house of big boss. many fans became upset. As many viewers were hooked on Television because of him.

Big Boss11 Priyank Sharma

After elimination, fans and his fellow friends in big boss are always talking about him. it seems that makers of the show will bring him back.

Priyank has not left house officially. as he didn’t show up on the stage. after eviction. reports are saying that he is still in the lonavla. and he is not in contact with anyone. As a producer of the show told him to not to talk about the show. or not to discuss anything about. Priyank Sharma is from Delhi. One of  his close

One of his close cold friends told sources that, after the eviction, he is not in contact with anyone.  he is in lonavla . and staying in a hotel. There are some rumors that he will enter the house soon. In past season also, Kushal made comeback in the show. as he was also evicted. on account of the fighting.

It will interesting to see priyank on the show.

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