Big Boss Season 11 Contestant, Zubair Khan is Fraud

Zubair Khan is One of the contestants of the big boss 11. He claimed that the He is the son-in-law of the Haseena Parker. Haseena Parker is Sister Of Don Dawood Ebrahim. He made big headlines, on the basis of the Relation With Has Parker. While The Biopic of Haseena Parker has just released. The Topic became Viral.

Haseena Parker Family took legal action against Zubair Khan. they filed the complaint against him. that he was claiming the false relation with Haseena Parker.

Advocate  Shyam Keswan is a lawyer of the Dawood family .he told sources, that Haseena parker called Zubair Khan is faked. Haseena parker’s family will take strong reaction on the Zubair. as he does not belong to their family.

While the big boss contestant was hitting wrong headlines. he used Haseena parkour name for a publicity. Zubair had his own production house. the name of his production house is “garbage” also he had directed and produced so many films. Once Zubair was also associated with Ekta Kapoor. he was an executive producer in the Balaji telefilm. Zubair made the movie on the underworld with starting former big boss contestant Azaz Khan.

 Zubair Khan Biography:

he also told sources that he was married to 12 years old girl. later she backstabbed him. now Zubair is saying that he will be made her jealous during the show.he told media that he wanted to come on the show because his kids will see him every day. and they will feel proud of him.he said that ” initially he thought that big boss just a prank for him. but later he got know that so many people recommended his name for this show. he continued that ” I’m a good man, and a lot of people convinced me to me in the show.

Zubair was involved in many fights in the house. Once he called Arshi khan ” Garibo ki Rakhi Sawant ” in Saturday’s episode. he made an emergency exit. Salman Khan told him, to the housemates in the house. then ate some pills and immediately made exit from the show

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