Karan Veer Bohra’s Wife Slams Big Boss makers

TV actor and current captain of Big Boss 12, Karanvir Bohra has often seen receiving Salman Khan’s jabs during the weekend ka Vaar episode. He has also been targetted by other contestants quite a few times for being considerate towards his fellow housemates.

Even on the last weekend, Salman Khan made fun of Karanvir’s choice of clothes which the actor took sportingly. But it seems constant jokes on Karanvuir have not gone well with the Karanvir’s wife Teejay Sindhu.

Karan Veer Bohra’s Wife Slams Big Boss makers

Teejay Karan’s wife took to her twitter handle and slammed makers of the show for being biassed towards her husband Karanvir. She wrote”I saw the Sunday’s weekend Ka Var episode and wanted to share some thoughts with you. First of all, I don’t know if myself or KV have upset you guys in any way, but if we have, I apologize.

Bigg Boss Season 12: Karan Veer Bohra Wife Slams makers of Bigg Boss

It seems you are upset with KV about something. But I don’t know what. very weekend KV is ridiculed. And it is hard to see him demoralize. At first, I thought this is harmless leg pulling and even defended the same. But after the last night’s episode, there seems to be something more to it.

Continuing her post, Teejay also mentioned that Kranvir is highly successful and respected TV actors with shows like KAsautti Zindagi Ky and Naagin to his credit. Highlighting the double standard in the Big Boss House, she-asses.

When people made fun of Rohit’s purple shorts they were questioned about it. Whatever KV wears on Tv, he’s always ridiculed, whether it’s his hair, his clothes, and his looks. It’s wrong to shame someone for the way they look or how they dress.

Comedian-actor Kiku Sharad showed her support for Teejay’s statement. While Nigaar Khan also took the step to support Tejaay. This is the first time that Karan Vir Bohra is captain in the Big Boss House. Stay tuned for more updates related to your favorite show.

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