Himanshi shares the reason for break-up with 9 years-long relationship with Chow: Bigg Boss 13

Himashi Khurana returns in the house of Bigg Boss 13. There were no limits for Asim Riaz’s happiness on her return. The actress entered the house in a black floral outfit. She was looking extremely gorgeous. Asim hugs Himanshi tightly and whispers in her ear and he loves her and misses her a lot.

Asim propose himanshi for marriage
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Later Himanshi tells about what happened in her relationship. Himanshi tells Asim that her boyfriend was a very common person and he did not like Asim expressing his feelings for her. She says that Chow is over protective towards her on the other hand she wants and emotional support from him which she finds difficult to get. She then decides to take a stand for herself and calls it a quit for her 9 years-old relationship.

Himashi says there was no friend of her who is male before Chow and she did not knew how to react with Asim’s feelings. She also says that if she continues the old relationship she will have to answer the questions for her whole life. Himashi also shares that her mother is crazy for Asim and sends a message for him and asked not to get angry. She shares that her mother loves him a lot.

Asim proposes Himanshi for marriage

After everything Asim goes down on his knees and proposes her for the marriage. Happily she accepts the proposal along with a piece of advice she asks him not to take any decision as he is emotional. He kept on giving kisses to her and did not leave her. Himashi’s entry in the house got all the contestant of Bigg Boss 13 excited. They all were happy to see her in the house. Every one started singing songs for the couple Asim and Himanshi. They couple is called as Asimanshi by their huge fans.

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