Paras Chhabra’s mom asks him to stop being touchy with Mahira Sharma on the show: Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 recently hosted the Family episode were we could see Paras Chhabra’s mom Ruby Chhabra was also in the house. She came and greeted everyone in the house. When she entered the house Paras and Siddharth touch her feet took her blessings and welcomed her.

Paras Chhabra's mom asks him to stop being touchy with Mahira Sharma on the show: Bigg Boss 13
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Paras’s mom after seeing Mahira says Paras that he should now start taking stand for himself. Paras takes his mom inside and speaks to her and she speaks about many things.

Ruby Chhabra tells Paras that he is not playing the game the way he is his game is weakening in the show. She reminds him that he has lost his zeal which he had when he entered the show. His mom also tells him that he should focus on his game more and stop being the godfather to everyone. She also tells him that many girls will come and go from his life but it is only his mother who be choosing the right girl for him. After all the discussion with his mom he came to know from where all the talks are coming from. He smells that is his girlfriend Akanksha Puri.

Paras’s mom even tells him that he should not be so touchy types with Mahira as it doesn’t look good onscreen. He says that he won’t be doing it more as Mahira’s mother also said the same thing. Paras says it in front of Mahira that he likes to be with her and she is his “moral support”. They are very good friends of each other.

Paras’s mom tells him to come out of the show and speak to Akanksha. Paras tells his mom that he has a right to makes his decisions and he likes to be with Mahira.

Mahira could see the negligence from his mother and she cried over it. Paras hugs Mahira and tells her that she likes her and was speaking about his girlfriend using the sign language.

It is now a twist to watch whether Paras and Akansha come together or it will Paras and Mahira who will be starting it new.

Bigg Boss 13 is a popular television show and the most entertaining till today. Contestants of the house are inside for a very long time. In the recent episodes of the show family members of various contestants were on the show to meet them.

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