Salman Khan Responds to Zubair Khan , Big Boss11

Zubair Khan Have Become Famous within 1 week. He did many controversies on basis of his 1 week stay in the house. He slammed Big boss’s maker and host. Like no one did this before. he claimed ” that Host of the show Salman khan. verbally threatened him, abuse him during the weekend ka war with Salman. After thrown out of the house, he filed a case against Salman Khan.  Not only this, but Zubair also demand an apology from the  Bollywood Star. So Far, After an issue, Salman was quite. But, in Second-weekend ka war, he responds Zubair in his own sarcastic way.

In second-weekend ka war’s episode, Salman Khan was in a cheerful mood, opposite what we had seen in the last episode. But before starting an episode he took moment. And told the audience that he is apologizing for calling contestant of the show Dog. The audience instantly got an idea, that is was talking about whom. But after a moment of silence. Salman continued that I apologize to all the dog for comparing man to them. And started laughing hard.

Salman gave Zubair perfect reaction. and no doubt fans are liking it.

recently in an interview with some news channel, Zubair said that he got a call from colors tv channel. Big boss makers want him to come back on the show. he told them that he will come back on the show only if Salman Khan asks apology to him. he will not compromise with his self-respect now. salman have to Salman Have to say sorry to me.  for his harsh words.  And Salman Should accept that he didi wrong.

Zubair has also maid statement that along with Salman khan. he will also sue Colors Tv. For misusing his name. And ruining his image and identity. just to get High ratings and place at TOp of TRP charts.

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