Shehnaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla sort out things between them and it’s a patch up :Bigg Boss 13

Shehnaaz speaks with Siddharth and she tell him that she feels bad when he speaks to other people with whom Shehnaz fights. But the thing is has Shehnaz ever thought to find out how Siddharth feels when she hangs or talk with people who abuse or speak means things about Siddharth.

It's a patch up between Siddharth and Shehnaz : Bigg Boss 13
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Shehnaz then sits and tells him whatever she has done for him. To which siddharth replies just because he never says what he has done it doesn’t mean he has never did anything for her.

On the other hand Asim and Rashami are instigating Shehnaz against Siddharth. Asim tells Shehnaz that as Shefali is out of the show now, Siddharth is trying to be closer with you. To which Shehnaz replies that she understands everyone’s plan.

Shehnaz clears it with siddharth that she is possessive with him and she doesn’t like when people hug or kiss him. And she expects same kind of possessiveness from him.

Siddharth and Shehnaz sort out things between them and it’s a patch up

After their talk Shehnaz goes and sleeps on Siddharth’s hand and he hugs her. As the two patch up with each other the two looks in a very happy and jolly mood. Siddharth clears it with Shehna that in the last nomination task he was a bit confused and he wanted to take two names. One was Arti and other was Shehnaz . But he clears that he realised it soon after he took Arti’s name that he wants to take only one name.

Bigg Boss 13 is a telecast of Colors TV. The show also airs on the digital media of Voot official. Superstar Salman Khan host the weekend episode of the show which airs up as Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

The show is very very close to it’s grand finale episode.

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