Zubair Khan Reveals how much Big Boss Paid him for week

After being evicted from the house. zubair Khan is literally throwing stones at the house. it seems that he is following Baba’s steps. After being thrown out of the house. he has been Criticizing show makers. and the host Salman Khan. Recently he filed FIR against Salman Khan. He has also accused everyone who involved in the show. but now he has crossed all limits by breaking the contract on the show. he broke rules of contract. And revealed all confidential information. Includes their pay scale.

In an interview with the publication, he said: ” the contract is for 2 years.” He has got 25,000  for every week. then the contestants get two-three free visits to the hotel. after the 2-year  contestant will get 50,0000  per month. he didn’t get a chance to respond directly. that’s why he ended up taking pills.

Zubair Khan Reveals

Infamous Zubair khan continues slamming shows. And tells media that, the didn’t get eliminated from the house. he has left the house. because he was not able to tolerate insult from the Salman Khan. he claimed that Salman Khan threatened him. and abused him.zubair also claimed that the reality show is scripted.

zubair was in the big boss house for 1 week. he made endless controversies in-house. He became infamous for his objectionable language. and using bad words for female housemates.After all this drama, he also challenged Salman Khan to meet him alone.

After Filing FIR against Salman Khan. He has demanded  Public apologize from Salman Khan. recently he told sources, that colors have called him a to joined show again. but he told them that, he will get back on the show only when Salman Khan will apologize him. he will not compromise his self-respect. he mentioned that people loved his performance. he is still shocked that he got fewer votes.

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