Nikita Dutta speaks about her experience till she got a Bollywood film

Nikita Dutta is one of the actress who has made her appearance in the recent Netflix film MASKA. The actress is also a part of Abhishek Bachchan starrer movie The Big Bull.

In one of the interviews with the indianexpress actress speaks about her film.

Nikita says, when she started her TV career, people told her, Don’t do it. It’s a black hole and she will get typecast. She will never be able to do films.

Further she adds, “It has changed now. Their opinion has changed. In a very good way the three mediums have blended with each other where people are doing all three. so, that’s a good part of it. And the best thing is that digital is giving so many opportunities to people out there from every field in this industry.”

Actress says that,” A lot of people don’t consider you because they are like, ‘Oh she has done TV, she already has that kind of audience. Probably she doesn’t fit into the role,’without probably seeing how you act. I will agree to little bit of discrimination…It takes a while to get out of it. You have to do a lot to prove yourself that, ‘We are from television and we can still act,”

According to her the most ridiculous thing for her was in 2013 when she was told, ‘She is slightly dark-skinned and we need somebody fairer.’ she says it was not because the role had demanded about the skin tone. But it is actor-cum-producer’s preference.

She says she was angry on hearing this but then says that everything happens for a reason

The actress is recently seen in the Maska film. Also Nikita Dutta has appeared in many of the television shows.

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