Sayani Gupta speaks on how Self-isolation is an opportunity to work upon skills

In this period of self-isolation everyone has their own way of spending a day. Even the Bollywood celebs are making the most out of it. As we could see Sayani Gupta spending her time productively.

Sayani Gupta says it during a Facebook live from theindianexpress.

She says, “I think this is the time to sort of restore, rejuvenate and replenish yourself. Work on your alignment and skill sets. Normally, I don’t get time to do riyaz and voice work, which is something I think all actors must do because that’s the training we had in film school. But we tend to get bored and complacent.”

Sayani Gupta also spoke about how she is spending her time in this day of self-isolation. She feels staying at home is an opportunity for her. Where she can do many things which make her happy.

She says her happy place is when she is able to practice performing art. So, she has been doing riyaz every day, something which she has been procrastinating for years and finally, she is able to do it everyday when she wakes up.

She is been singing a lot. As she hadn’t done it for a long time. She has been doing it on and off but not in a formal way. So, she is doing that.

On asked about, as it is pandemic and what’s the general sentiment in the Hindi film Industry right now.

To which Sayani says, “We have been doing some video calls among friends and people we work with, and everyone is worried, but I think everyone is also helpful. At this point , you have to be positive. You can’t completely let yourself be bogged down by any kind of fear. We need to be careful.”

Further she adds, saying that, “We also need to stay positive. Art and music have healing abilities, and it is great that artistes are going live. It is imperative that we stay connected virtually and also be there for one another. That conversation is very important.”

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