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Big Boss11, 19th October Episode, housemates receive gifts

Big Boss tells everyone that Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and Jyoti Sharma’s will cause an effect on the luxury task.   later, arshi than and hina khan are entered into the heated argument. Arshi Khan abuses hina Khan. Not only this she spits on hina khan. and tried to throw slippers on her. Puneesh Sharma asks the big

Salman Khan Responds to Zubair Khan , Big Boss11

Zubair Khan Have Become Famous within 1 week. He did many controversies on basis of his 1 week stay in the house. He slammed Big boss’s maker and host. Like no one did this before. he claimed ” that Host of the show Salman khan. verbally threatened him, abuse him during the weekend ka war with Salman. After thrown

Big Boss 14th October Episode Highlights

Today viewer will see weekend ka war with Salman Khan. This is going to be second-weekend ka war. The viewer is totally excited to see that who will face Salman khan’s anger. In Last weekend ka war, Salman slammed each and every contestant for breaking rules.and being unpleasant toward each other. As this time the makers. And

Big Boss11: Ravi Dubey to Share Stage With Salman Khan

Ravi Dubey is a famous television actor. He is a most successful actor on television. He has worked in many television dramas. and  Dancing reality shows. but now the actor will be seen in big boss11. According to sources, Ravi is all set to be part of  Big Boss11.  surprisingly he will enter in the show.

Big Boss11, 13th october Episode Preview and Highlight

Vikas Gupta has found a new enemy in the house. recently Vikas Gupta has become Captain of the house. he has given choice to select poor performer in the royal task. vikas then select shilpa as the worst performer in the task. in today’s episode, Vikas ill choose Hina as Worst performer. and put in the jail. hina

Big Boss11 Priyank Sharma To Be Get Back On The Show After Eviction

In an only first week of the show, Priyank Sharma got eliminated from the house. During Weekend ka Vaar with Salman ” Salman threw him out of the house.  The drama started, with a fight between Akash Dadlani and Vikas Gupta. Akash Dadlani got personal with Vikas Gupta. Akash abused Vikas. so, Priyank became furious and raised

Zubair Khan Reveals how much Big Boss Paid him for week

After being evicted from the house. zubair Khan is literally throwing stones at the house. it seems that he is following Baba’s steps. After being thrown out of the house. he has been Criticizing show makers. and the host Salman Khan. Recently he filed FIR against Salman Khan. He has also accused everyone who involved in

Big Boss 11 11th October episode, Housemates vs Sapna Chaudhari

Today’s episode of big boss will be interesting. As always, housemates busy in feuding and arguing with each other. But this time all contestants are going To come together. as one team, against Arshi khan.  All contestant of the big boss is going to team up and Support Sapna Chaudhry. Day by day  Big Boss 11

Big Boss 11 Episode 8 highlights, Nominations

As always contestant started the morning, with jamming on the songs.In the last episode, Vikas was creating fights with everyone. In the starting of the morning, Shilpa and Vikas start arguing. Later, Vikas starts to fight with Hina Khan. On the basis of her support to Arshi Khan. Claiming that asrshi was the Behind the eviction

Big Boss 11, 8 October Weekend Ka War With Golmaal Return Ke Sath

As every Season Stars give visits to a big boss house. This time Golmal Return team came to visit the house and Salman Khan. Golmaal Return is the forthcoming Part of the Golmaal series. Actor Shreyas Talpade, Kunal khemu, Pareeniti Chopra. and  Tushar Kapoor, Ajay Devgan is starring in the “The golmaal return”. while the movie is