Jiv Zala Yedapisa will feature a love story of two different individuals on Colors Marathi

Jiv Zala Yedapisa is a brand new TV show on Colors Marathi. The TV show will hit television screens very soon. Here are complete details about color Marathi’s brand new TV show. Jeev Zala Yedapisa Start Date, Storyline and Cast.

Check out more information such as starting date, cast, schedule and broadcasting details of the colors Marathi upcoming TV show Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa.

Jiv Zala Yedapisa will feature a love story of two different individuals. The TV show will showcase the love hate relationship between Shiva and Siddhi. The characters of the show are set in a rural backdrop

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It is a tale of emotion, combined Rawnees and simplicity. The TV show is shot in a real location. While each and every character on the show has importance. The tv show will be relatable for many television viewers.

The cast of the Colours Marathi Jeev zala Yedapisa

The tv show will have Ashok Phai Dessai and Vidhila Chaugule as the male characters. While Rohit Kakate will be playing pivotal role in the show.

Ashok will play the character of Shiva. He is a good person. But not a man of principle, unlike his father. He is not very educated. And he prefers to earn money through easy ways

While Vidhila Chowgule will play character of Siddhi. She is modern well educated and working women. She stands for a right thing.

Names of the rest of the last members of the show will update on the page very soon.

Jeev Zala Yedapisa Start date

The TV show will hit television screen on 1st April. While it will telecast on every Monday to Saturday at 8:00 p.m.

The online telecast of the show will be available on online at anytime and anywhere.

You can catch exclusive episodes of the color Marathi Jeev Zala Yeda Pisa on Voot’s official website and app. You can also download foods app from the Google Play Store.

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