Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli To Talk About beauty stereotypes: check out starting date of the show

Colors Marathi is one of the top Marathi television channels in Maharashtra. The TV channel is coming up with a few new TV shows. One of the upcoming projects of the colors Marathi titled as Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli. The TV show will have a very interesting storyline. And it will discuss Beauty stereotypes. Check out the complete details below. Also, find out Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli Start Date, Cast, Promo.

Colors Marathi Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli To Talk About beauty stereotypes

Colors Marathi’s new tv show will showcase how woman face rejection and criticism because of their body shape. How society considers certain shapes as beautiful and set unrealistic standards for girls.

Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli Start Date, Cast, Promo on Colors Marathi
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The plot of the tv show is very entertaining. It will revolve around an obese girl, who is good at everything, but people make fun of her because of her weight. She also faces rejection in her romantic relationship. She is also rejected by 34 guys. Her world will be different when fitness freak Abhimanyu will enter in her life.

This series is a love story of a girl who does not fit the beauty standard of society and a guy who is picture-perfect.

Colors Marathi Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli Cast

The tv show will feature prominent actors in lead roles. Akshaya Naik will ve playing the female-led role in the show. She will portray the character of Latika. While Sameer Paranjpe will be seen as the male lead in the show. The names of the rest of the cast members of the show will update on the page shortly.

Colors Marathi Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli Start Date

Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli will hit television screens on the 31st of August. The tv show will broadcast o every Monday to Saturday at 9:30 Pm. While you guys can watch the online broadcast of this tv show on Voot’s official website and app. You can download the Voot app from the google play store.

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