Big Boss 11, Zubair Khan Files FIR against Salman Khan For Humilation In the reality show

Zubair Khan Have Already Came in headlines For many for many controversies. but now, After being expelt from the house. he has started a fight with Salman Khan. Salman Khan is the host of the show.

Big Boss is the Controversial reality show. This show never failed to an entertained audience with drama. This time it is no different. It is just one week that show has started. and it is already creating the buzz in India.

During the “Weekend Ka war” with Salman Khan. Salman showed his strict side. He slammed contestants. . as this show is telecast on a national level. and being watched by many families. he told the contestants that they should not use abusive language. and the bad words on the basis of the religion of the contestant.Salman khan Digged at Every Contestant who was involved in fights. No doubt,  Zubair Khan was in Salman Khan’s list. Zubair Khan was creating fights with everyone in the house.  This self-pretended don threatens everyone. Salman Khan was pissed by  Zubair behavior. salman accused him, for his bad performance.


while Zubair Khan was unhappy with Salman Khan. he confessed that, on account of frustration in the show. he took many pills. so that he, immediately he went to the hospital. Salman Khan confirmed that he was discharged from the house, before declaring his elimination.

Lately, Zubair Khan has filed FIR  against Salman Khan at antop hill station. later the FIR  will transform at Lonavla Police Station. Zubair has also revealed that Salman Khan abused him during the show. salman said “Tujhe Kutta banake Nahi chodha to Mera Nam Salman Khan Nahi“. zubair khan `continued that ” he is not Vivek Oberoi. he will not tolerate this behavior ” that why he filed FIR against Salman Khan.

he also includes that big boss is not a reality show. contestants are asked to create the fights. and controversial things. and promised that the vulgar words will b edited out.

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