The Great Laughter challenge Mentor Malik Dua share her terrible experience with uber driver

The Great laughter challenge mentor and comedian ” Malika dua, share her terrifying experience with Uber driver. on her latest Facebook post.  and also she shared the photo of the rude uber driver. In her post, she described her nightmare with the uber driver. because she became victims of the One of rud and mannerless driver. the driver abuses her. and told her to get out of the car in the middle of the car. the driver was driving off. while Mallika was inside the car.

Malika just asked diver to increase the speed of the air conditioner.on that, the driver stopped the car and told her to get out the of the car. in the middle of the road.

according to sources, the incident happened on the worli Desai road. when the driver aid ” Uttar Gadi se”. nahi badhunga AC. uber tum logko ad me Kuch Bhi dikhata Hain ki upna gai samjo, aisa kuchnahi hot hain. and  stopped the car harshly,and ended up the trip.

she wrote in the post that. uber is India’s most unpleasant organization in India. before hiring candidates they don’t even check their seems that they have nothing larnt from their mistakes.he driver used bad abusive words for her. she also mention, that when the driver driving harshl, she was literally screaming in the car. but the driver continued abusing her. she also slam the company for not having cust care/contact oi India. she wrote that she was literally shivering in ther day light’

malika told sources that she was even treating driver “that she will complaint to police. after such horrifying ride, Malika was so frightened she booked another taxi. later in the anotheFacebookok post, she mentions that, after seeing a blue tick on her profile. Uberlandia called her and gave assured that they will take strong action.they informed her that company has fired that driver.she also tells that customer should provide a platform for their grievances.

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