Kareena Kapoor On Her Television Debut and Dance India Dance season 7

Kareena Kapoor is making hair ikonic debuted on television through one of the popular dance television reality show dance India dance. Her debut on the television screens is creating a huge buzz. Dance India Dance season 7: Kareena Kapoor On Her Television Debut.

Recently Dance India Dance had their launch event and she shared some details related to the dance television reality show, and her debut. She also mentioned that Dance India Dance is only television reality show that she and Saif Ali Khan watch. So check out more details below.

Dance India Dance season 7: Kareena Kapoor On Her Television Debut

Dance India Dance is one of the oldest and top dance television reality show in India. The TV show has created the careers of many talented dancers. And it has also gained International recognition. Now by roping one of the biggest Bollywood stars as judge of the show will definitely add some X Factor to the upcoming season of The Dance India.

Coming up as a judge of the Dance India Dance Kareena Kapoor has become one of the highest paid actors on television.

The upcoming season of The Dance India Dance will have different concepts. The makers of the show are coming up with the extra ordinary reality television show. The TV show will have 360 degrees set with over 200 cameras for shooting the act.

This year the grand master Mithun da will not be part of the Dance televsion reality show.

Dance India Dance season 7: Kareena Kapoor On Her Television Debut

When she was asked about joining the Dance television reality show. She told ” my management told me about DID’s offer. Initially, I wasn’t sure about coming on television. It has been a long-standing show. In their 10th year, they have revamped the concept and made it 360 degrees with over 200 camera shooting. that’s why I was excited to join this.

She also mentions that she will only work for eight hours. But on some days she can make an exception and can work for 12 Hour.

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