Love Me Some,’ Says Jennifer Lopez to Indian Hip-hop Dance Crew on NBC’s ‘World of Dance’

Desi hoppers are the famous dancing group from Mumbai, it was formed through the dance show Bindass Naach, with trio holding auditions across the county to find the perfect dancers. The dancing group got so much appreciation that every dancer on the stage of Wolrd of dance is vying for.

on the 1st  episode of the show, the desi Hoppers were pitted against Opus dance collectives, one of the many contemporary acts in the competition. The Indian groups are being loved for their unique fusion of Hip Hop and traditional Indian dances. And on the top of that, they went on to win the fuels Round with an average of 90.3.

World of Dance

after their energetic and creative performance on the show, Jennifer Lopez said ” here is what I loved about your routine from the beginning, you have your own personality. And it is kind of fueled by your culture. you started off in your zen poses, tranquil, meditative state and then we run through the gamut of emotions, from being very funny than very serious and kind of Hip Hop, and then very cheeky- that little butt scratch thing.  That was our first butt scratch on the world of dance. that sets you aa level above everybody else.

Judge Derek Hough Said” your personality is fantastic. your transitions are seamless, they are so smooth. I loved the traditional Indian movements in there, but with the western flavour. The musicality, the tricks, it’s a fantastic combination. It’s so refreshing to see that, so well executed and really beautifully done.  Ne-yo added” Nobody dances the way you all dance. your moves are your own. win or lose. I m going to remember desi Hoppers. Great Job!”

In 2015. desi hoppers became the first Indian team to win the world of dance championship in Los Angeles, following which the crew, led by dancers Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedon DeMello and Nimit Kotian Was invited for the special performances on America Got Talent.


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