Dus Ka Dum 2018, Star Date, Host, Live Broadcasting Timing and Concept

Dus Ka Dum is old popular quiz game show. The show was started in 2008. And the second season of the show came out in 2009.  Dus ka dum was hosted by the popular movie star Salman Khan. And now after the gap of so many years, the quiz show is coming with the third season of the show. Check the Launched Date, Host, Timing and Concept and broadcasting details of the show.

The first two seasons of the show were well received by the audience. The third season of the show is all set to hit television screens soon. The makers of the show already treated viewers with the teaser of the show. Salman Khan has sung song and rap for the promo of the show.

Dus Ka Dum 2018 Start Date

Dus Ka Dum 2018 Start Date, Live Broadcasting Details

Dus ka dum is getting its own game application on the sony  The latest application of the game has already started on the sony from the 11th March 2018.  While the show will be launched on the 4th June 2018 at 9:00 pm.  The show will twice in a week.

after downloading the app the user will have answer some simple question, reflecting on their life, relationships, experiences, opinion and much more.  The questions will be customized and gamified across 40 levels.  The app will give people the special experience of playing the game with the Salman Khan. the host of the show will appear in short video message and you can check Online Registration details here.

The video message will give viewers to give an opportunity to record velfie( video selfie) with Salman Khan. The upcoming season of the Dus Ka Dum will be more bug and interesting. television viewers can get the app trough official website and can enjoy the various features of the game.

How to play Dus Ka Dum season 3:

The game consists of two rounds, Round one and round two. Let’s check the Prize-level table.o get ready to participate in the show, increase your general knowledge and guessing power to win big cash amount.

Question # Prize Level (in Rupees) Range (in %) Walk-Away Prize Prize If Wrong
1 10,000 40 1,000 100
2 100,000 30 10,000 1,000
3 1,000,000 20 100,000 10,000
4 10,000,000 10 1,000,000 100,000
5 100,000,000 1 10,000,000 1,000,000
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