FYI TV 18’s Exclusive Modern Dating reality show: check out complete details

FYI TV18 has come up with a unique dance television reality show which is also a dating television reality show. The TV show has already premiered. This brand new tv show on the channel is titled as ‘Flirty Dancing’. The concept of this dance and dating television reality show ‘Flirty Dancing’ is already interesting. So check the FYI TV 18 Flirty Dancing Start Date, Host, Broadcasting Details, Episode.

So check out complete details related to FYI TV18 flirty dancing. And find out more information related to the host, concept, format, starting date and broadcasting details of the show.

FYI TV 18 Flirty Dancing Start Date

FYI TV 18 Flirty Dancing Host

World wide popular Ashley Banjo will be present in this TV show. Ashley Banjo is one of the popular dancer and choreographer. He has also won Britain’s Got Talent with his Cool Street dancing moves.

Ashley Banjo will be choreography and guiding the contestants in the show. The TV show will be filled with entertainment and mesmerising dance performance.

According to the concept of the Flirty Dancing TV show, contestants will practice solo choreography on their own for few episodes. After some episodes, these contestants will get to meet their dance partners at a spectacular location. And finally, these pairs will pair will perform their choreography together.

The journey of these couples will be exciting for sure. The camera will showcase this intriguing journey from individual dance routine to the intense chemistry discovered through the beautiful choreography of Ashley Banjo.

Ashley Banjo will lead the story of these contestants through his mesmerising moves. Flirty Dance is going to be the combination of the Dance television reality show and dating television reality show.

FYI TV 18 Flirty Dancing Start Date 2019

FBI TV18 flirty dancing hit television screens on the 21st September. The TV show will broadcast every Saturday at 8:00 p.m. While the repeat telecast of this TV show will be also available.

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