Indian Idol 11: Anu Malik To Be Replaced On Indian Idol 11, who will be the new judge

Indian Idol 11 is one of the popular singing television reality show on Indian television. The 11th season of the show was constantly making headlines. The TV show featured talented singer and popular judges. But cans were definitely upset to see Anu Malik on show.

But recently Anu Malik step down as the judge of the show. And makers of the show looking for the replacement for Anu Malik on Indian Idol Season 11. Check out complete the details related to this below. And find out who will be joining Indian Idol 11.

Indian Indol 11: Anu Malik To Be Replaced On Indian Idol 11

Anu Malik has stepped down as a judge of Indian Idol 11 because of controversies around him. After various social media campaigns and negative response from the audience, Anu Malik has made the decision to quit Indian Idol 11. According to sources, he is mentally disturbed at the moment. Sony TV is looking for the replacement.

When metoo Moment started many celebrities accused him for behaving like a predator. Singer Shweta Pandit accused him of misbehaving with her when she was 15. While Neha Bhasin also told sources that she ran away due to his behaviour when she was 21. After surrounding with this heavy criticism for a long time, Anu Malik has decided to quit the show.

Indian Idol 11

Fans were never happy with Anu Malik return on Indian Idol. Sona Mohapatra also raised the question that how Anu Malik could be allowed to be the judge of the show. Now she is happy that now Anu Malik is finally out of this singing television reality show.

Now television lovers are wondering who could be the next judge on the 11th season of Indian Idol. In the last season, Javed Ali replaced Anu Malik on signing television show.

Makers of the show have not announced who will replace Anu Malik on Indian Idol. So the confirmed name of the new judge will update on the page very soon.

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