BARC (TRP) Ratings of Top Bhojpuri shows 2019

Top list of Bhojpuri TV Shows is out. So check out the complete list of Top Bhojpuri TV shows. The ranks are placed on the basis of the BARC Report. Check BARC (TRP) Bhojpuri Ratings 2019: Top Tamil TV Show and TV channels.

Big Ganga’s Kum Kumm Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya has got first place on the list of top Bhojpuri TV show. It has managed to get 528 Impressions. The TV show’s Bhojpuri version of the popular Hindi TV series Kumkum Bhagya.

The TV show features Sriti Jha and Shabbir Ahluwalia in the lead role. Kumkum Bhagya has won the hearts of millions of television lovers. The Bhojpuri version of the Kumkum Bhagya is also very popular. And it broadcasts on Big Ganga.

BARC (TRP) Bhojpuri Ratings 2019: Top Tamil TV Show and TV channels
Big Ganga Kaala Teeka

Kaala Teeka broadcasts on big Ganga and has managed to get a total impression of 271. The TV show has got the second position in the list of top TV shows.

Kaala Teeka is a story of Vishwas and his quest to keep his only daughter Gauri safe and protected. Vishwas finds abandon baby girl who can protect his daughter from a curse. He adopts her and names her kali and make her Gauri’s Kala tika.

Kala Tika Bhojpuri’s version is really popular among the viewers. The Hindi version of the show broadcasted on Zee TV.

Big Ganga Divya Shakti

Divya Shakti is a popular Bhojpuri mythological drama. The TV show has got 209 Impressions.

Divya Shakti is a mythological drama where Parvati and Ganesh narrate interesting Tales of how good win over evil. And how to grow in faith and straighten the bond with God.

Big Ganga’s Bagal Wali Jaan Meri

Bagal Wali Jaan Meri is a popular Bhojpuri comedy-drama. The TV show features two neighbours who are interested in each other’s wives. The TV show has got 177 impressions. And is in fourth place on the list of top TV shows.

Bhojpuri Dhamaka dishoom’s Jhula Jhule Saato Re Bahaniyan:

Jhula Jhule Saato Re Bahaniyan is on the 5th place of this list. The TV show has managed to get 157 Impressions. It broadcast on Bhojpuri Dhamaka Dishum.

BARC (TRP) Bhojpuri Ratings: Top Tamil TV channels

1 B4U Bhojpuri 53971
2 Bhojpuri Cinema 49455
3 Big Ganga 48835
4 Bhojpuri Dhamaka DISHUM 14174
5 Dabangg 13403

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