Priyappettaval, check out the starting date, cast and broadcasting details of the show

Mazhvil Manorama is all set to come up with the brand new TV show very soon. The upcoming TV show on the channel is titled as Priyappettaval. The TV show will be on screen in a few hours. various promos of the show is launched on the channel and their social media network.

The promos of upcoming tv show Priyappettaval is receiving a positive amount of response from the audience.

Fans are curious about a story line and cast of The Mazhvil Manorama’s upcoming TV show. So check out complete it is related to Mazhvil Manorama’s upcoming TV show Priyappettaval. And find out more details related to the starting date, cast and storyline of this TV show.

Mazvil Manorama’s Priyappettaval Cast:

Priyappettaval will be a family drama. This brand new tv show will feature one of the popular TV actors. According to sources Rayjan Rajan, Avantika Mohan, Rashmi Baba and other popular actors will be part of the show.


Avantika Mohan and Rayjan Rajan were last seen on the popular TV show together. So fans are excited to see this duo again on the TV screen. Uma and Balu will be the main characters of the show.

Starting date of the Mazhvil Manorama’s upcoming TV show Priyappettaval:

According to reports, Mazvil Manorama’s upcoming TV show Priyappettaval will hit television screens on the 11th of the November. The TV show will broadcast at 10:00 p.m.

Mazhvil Manorama’s Priyappettaval broadcasting details:

The Online broadcast of this TV show will be available on the official website of the channel. and you can also visit Yupptv’s website and app to watch this exciting show online at any time and anywhere. While you guys can also download Yup TV’s app from the Google Play Store.

So stick around here to get more details related to upcoming TV shows. Also, make sure you keep in touch here to get audition details related to the upcoming television reality shows.

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