MTV India The Anti Social Network Starting Today

MTV India is also to come up with the new television reality show very soon. The upcoming television show is titled as The Anti Social Network. It is never seen before the format of the reality show on an Indian television network. The anti-social network will feature one of the most popular face is among youth.

Here are complete details about this upcoming television reality show of MTV India. Also check out more details such a starting date, Host contestants list of the MTV India the anti social network.

MTV The Anti Social Network Start date, Concept, host, Judge, Schedule

Social media is ruling life of youngsters youngsters this days. Imagine your accounts hacked or losing access to your social media account is pretty scary to think about. And MTV is upcoming quirky game television reality show is all set to do exactly the same thing.

MTV India’s upcoming television show ‘The anti social network’ will be first kind of show that will change your social media presence. And will turn your world around in a blink.

Host of the show

The game television reality show will be host by one of the most popular faces among youth Vijay and actor Cyrus Sahukar and famous social media personality Jose covaco. The hosts of the show will take over control on the social media profiles of two contestants in each episode.

The contestants of the show will be placed in a uncomfortable situation. While the host will continue to update about the same on their social media handles. Cyrus and Jose will post weirdest and most embarrassing pictures posing as you.

The replies and reactions to the post will be highlighted and reveal on the television screens. On the top of that the final prank will be something outrageous. Cyrus And Jose will announce winner later.

Start Date of the show

One of the most unique game television reality show the anti social network will hit television screens on 1st Feb. It will telecast on every Friday at 7:00 p.m.

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