MTV India youth show, Roadies season 16 back with new title “Roadies Xtreme”

The  Roadies is a youth base reality show on MTV India. The shows have an immense fan following for many years.  The first season of the show has started on 2003.  The roadies broadcasted on MTV India. And it is produced by diamond pictures. Basically, the show features some young contestant who travels to various destinations. And perform various tasks.  The show showcase physical and mental strength of the contestants.

Roadies are hosted by Gaelyn Mendonca. Previously it was hosted by popular VJ  Baani J. Reality show also features some of the popular stars from the entertainment industry. Like prince Narula,  Neha Dhupia, Ran Vijay,  and Nikhil. previously obviously Harbhajan Singh, Karan Kundra was the part of the show. Now,  the roadies are coming again in 2018, check the auditions details.

Roadies Xtreme

After successfully completing fifteen seasons. Now the roadies will again come back on the television with its sixteen seasons.  The show will soon hit the tv screens with the banging title “Roadies extreme”.  Last year it was  Deadliest season.  Many fans are already excited about the show. every season of the show is getting on the other level.

Cncept of the show:

In the show, Contestants are divided into the 4 group.  And the groups are the mentor of group leaders. This group of the contestants will be given a different task at various locations.  The task will seemingly challenge their physical and mental ability.  During the course of the journey, the contestant with the higher votes and higher task point will be announced as a winner. The winner will get a large amount of prize money. And some attractive contract with the channel. So all around the show sumps up the adventure, travel, drama, and touch of voyeurism.

Basically, the show gives numerous amount of opportunities to the young generation.  Many contestants from the show are working in many television shows.

Roadies are the longest  running show. within the fourteen years of history. stay tuned for the release date and other details of the show.

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