MTV and Rannvijay Singh Back with New Show “Troll Police”

Trolling has become a global phenomenon.  Many celebrities are getting bullied by this kind of trolls. So, MTV has launched latest show was troll police.  The show will feature some expert investigator and the cyber team which will trace the troll maker of some of biggest celebrities of Bollywood and faces behind it.

Troll police show will broadcast on the MTV India.  and it will be host by RanVijay Singh.  It will air every day at 7 pm.

Aout Show :

each episode of the show will feature some  Bollywood celebrities, who have faced this social humiliation.  The celebrities will track their troll maker with the help of host  Ranvijay Singh and expert investigator and cyber team.  There will be three levels in the show.  first will be a social engineer.  second will be investigator while the third will be the cyber team.

The cyber team will catch culprit with the help of the customized trap. Lastly, there will be a confrontation.  In which people celebrities and his or her troll maker will come face to face.  Troll police will feature some beautiful and bold actresses of Bollywood such as Neha Dhupia, Tapsee Pannu who have handle troll like a boss.  An also there will be  British Indian singer hard Kaur, to name a few.

Talking about the show host of the show Ranvijay Singh told sources that,  with a great power great responsibility.  I really feel that while the internet has given voice our opinions, there are a lot of people who do not use this boon wisely.

Trolling is common this day and the main reason is boredom, amusement and the need for attention.  however, if trollers feel that they can hide his or her identity and use the internet as a platform to send inflammatory and off-topic message get away with it,  it is wrong and unjustified.  it is a sign of cowardice!  I hope troll police will enable many people out there to voice their issue.  because trolling is a serious offense.

If anyone is suffering from such situation, they can report the troll by following @MTVIndia  on twitter. tweet #trollpolicehelpline and share your details.

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