MTV To Launched First E-league For Video Game Lovers ‘Ucypher’

MTV is one of the popular channels in the world. the channel has served most entertaining show over the years. But in 2018 the MTV India has a big surprise for there audience. The channel is going to launch E league millions of the young viewers are always tied up to the channel. MTV Indian have telecasted much popular show such as India’s next supermodel, splitsville, roadies, and love school. Besides entertainment, the channel has always focused on the unique, bold and different concept for the shows check MTV U cyphe.

MTV is all set launched new show ‘Ucypher” this January. So, this is basically Eleugue. Top gamers of the nation will compete with each other in the world’s best video games. The show is going to be a big revolution in Indian entertainment industry.  Ucypher is the best place for every game lover.

MTV U cypher

About of the MTV U Cypher

As Indian youth generation has got more digitalized this days, MTV  is all set to make a big revolution in India entertainment industry and gaming industry by launching India’s first ever E-Sports League.  The U Cypher is launching this January 2018.   The game lovers will come together to be in combat across, PC, Consol, and mobile with three of the most popular games in the world. including  CS: GO,  Dota 2,  Tekken and real cricket 17.  the show will give the best platform to all game lovers across India.  it will be going to the biggest battleground for the best gamers of the nation.

there will be six teams participating in the show. according to reports, makers of the show have made up to  50,000,000 rupees cash prices for the contestants.

it has reported that the league will be a 37-day tournament.  with  15-16 runner-up. gamers will set to play between  4 pm and midnight, but MTV will package it into one our show.

Since it is the first virtual league in India. it will be interesting to see the battle between the gamers.

Stay tuned for more details.

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