5 Factors To Make Roadies Real Heores one of the most Iconic Tv show on Indian Televsion Network

The 16th season of The Roadies will be bigger and better with so many factors. The television reality show is all set to set high standards for the Indian television network. So check the Roadies Real Heroes 5 Factors: how to Make one of the most Iconic TV show.

So get ready to witness one of the thrilling and exciting season of the Roadies real heroes. The upcoming season of the television reality show will hit television screens on 10th February

Roadies are one of the longest-running television reality show on an Indian television network. It is one of the favorite adventurous reality show of television lovers.

Roadies Real Heroes 5 Factors: To Make one of the most Iconic TV show

The 16 season of the show will take audiences to another thrilling adventurous ride. The Roadies 16 will feature ultimate tasks, passionate gang leaders and beautiful locations.

Here is a list of things that you should look forward to watch in roadies real heroes.

Factor 1 – Theme of the Roadies season 16th

The 16 season of the television reality show definitely has one of the most innovative and iconic themes. The TV show will recognise and appreciate the efforts of real heroes.

And bring a mixture of adventure passion memorial experience for all Roadies. Real heroes will highlight the stories of selfless acts courage with real-life heroes from across countries.

Factor 2 – Real heroes to give tough competition to each other

The TV show will feature Milind Chandwani, a speaker at TEDx and awarde of I am not a hero. he is speaker at MGIT college for youth empowerment. Another real hero is Bidhan Shrestha.

He is a free spirit daring and an adventurous soul takes up challenges to be next roadie. The contestants of the show will sure set 16th season of Roadies on fire.

Factor 3 – Perfect locations

Previous seasons of Roadies has explored the north part of India. This season MTV Roadies will explore the mountains and the Exotic valleys of South India.

The Roadies real heroes will conquer the Kannan Devan Hills of Munnar, Western Ghats of Chikmagalur and the highest peak of Karnataka Mullayanagiri. You can expect the levels of the task after seeing locations.

Factor 4 – Scary tasks

The action pack and quirky tasks of Roadies are highlight of the show. This season will feature many innovative and mind-blowing task which will leave you shocked.

The task of the show will challenge every aspect of contestants such a spiritual, mental, physical, emotional.

Factor 5 – New Gang Leader hockey star Sandeep Singh

This year legendary Sports Star and Indian hockey captain Sandeep Singh will join team of The Gang Leader.

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