Sunny Leone’s Next TV Show related to fitness, “Hot Bodies”

Sunny Leone will Start Her Own fitness show. The Bollywood Star is  All set to be fitness guru now. The show is all about fitness. And it will know as Fitstop.  The show will broadcast on MTV from November.

The show has time  1hour time slot.  in the one hour’s episode, Sunny will motivate people to do some exercise.  And adopt healthy life. She will also give some helpful tip to shed weight and get in the shape.

The Actress herself has an excellent physique. And She leads a healthy life.  And  Have managed to keep Balance between calories and food.  The show will feature some great music with quick exercises.  These  Exercises are designed by  By famous fitness guru Miky Mehta.

In her recent Interview, sunny told sources that she thinks that fitness is an essential Component of life. so that why she has teamed up with MTV.  To motivate people to change their lifestyle. By adding some quick easy exercises.

Hot Bodies

she added,”Regular Exercising can help people fit”. And healthy physically and mentally. ” everyone should make some time for their daily schedule for some quick exercising.  I know exercising can chore. And to make exciting for people. I have teamed up with MTV beats. to launched  Fitstop. Where  I will show people how to exercise.  And also treating them with fabulous music which will help them work up a  sweat”.

Actress also shared her regular routine exercise. she daily tries to do thirty to forty minutes of cardio exercise.  Often mixed with yoga and aerobics.

Sunny also shared her secret of flawless beauty. She recommends people to keep themselves hydrated much as possible.  exercises are good as it stimulates endorphins,  Hormones that bring on the happy mood.

She also added one should do everything in moderation.  Perhaps taking out time for oneself is the best treat anyone could give himself or herself.  And yes invest in the aloe vera plant. For the best face mask in the world.

The actress was last seen on the MTV’sSpiltvilla.

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