MTV Spliltsvilla X2 To have Shocking Twist

MTV Splitsvilla is one of the popular reality television show right now. The 12th season of the show has got an intense amount of popularity. The TV Reality show is constantly in the news for their intriguing challenges.

In the upcoming episode of MTV Splitsvilla contestant will have to face a major challenge. check out the complete details below. Also, find out where you guys can watch MTV Splitsvilla season 12 online.

MTV Spliltsvilla X2 To have Shocking Twist

The upcoming episode of the Splitsvilla will be full of drama and like every week this week, two contestants will be dump in the dome session. A couple will be evicted from the show this time.

This season of the Splitsvilla was premiere on 16th August. The TV show telecasted at every Friday and 7:00 p.m.

The 12th season of the Splitsvilla is one of the popular seasons of the show. It features a popular celebrity contestant. Sunny Leone and Ranveer Singh are on the board to present this show.

Splitsvilla season 12 features 10 girls and 15 handsome hunks. This season of the show has a very interesting contestant line up.

Ashish Bhatia, Uday Sachdeva, Piyush Sharma, Lokesh Bisht, Alfez Khaishagi, Sambhav Baid, Shrey Mittal are a male contestant of the show.

Ashish Bhatia and Miesha Iyer are the first semi-finalists of the show.

The previous episode of the show was full of drama. Piyush Sharma lost his cool and was violent towards Ashish Bhatia. Ranvijay Singh came between and stop their fight before something bad and harmful happened.

Make sure you stay tuned to get regular updates from the Splitsvilla X2.

Fans can watch the online broadcast of the MTV Splitsvilla at any time and anywhere. The online broadcast is available on Voot’s official website and app. You can also download the Voot app for more convenience.

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