Actress Mohena Kumari Singh gives it back, when fans questioned about her ghoonghat on her wedding

Mohena Kumari tied a knot with Suyesh Rawat in the month of October last year. It was a traditional Rajput wedding. Recently Mohena shares a picture from her wedding day and wishes all her fans on the New Year. She was looking as beautiful as a bride can be. However few fans questioned her on the picture about the ghoonghat she wore on the wedding day. As being modern and educated.

One of the user comments, “Why is your face under veil?” to which another one replies, “because these are people who follow the so-called male-dominated rituals. Even education doesn’t get them a brain.”

Mohena replied back the two by writing, “Even Christians have a veil when they marry… and so do Muslims…I guess they are all uneducated too! It’s an age old Rajput tradition which Rajput women follow when they get married. This was not forced upon me …I chose to do it.

Many other users defend Mohena Kumari, later she clarified and asked people to stop creating misunderstandings.

Mohena clears the misunderstanding among the fans

Mohena replied to one more user that, “Guys…this is how misunderstandings start…read my comment properly. Let me spoon feed you before you misunderstand the whole thing… This person called people who follow a rajput tradition of wearing a veil, uneducated…so why are they calling us Rajputs uneducated just because we like to follow a few things that are a part of our culture.”

Mohena Kumari Singh got married in the month of October last year. It was a big fat Indian Wedding. Mohena tied knot with Suyesh Rawat. The couple later hosted two types of receptions- one was in Rewa and the other on in Delhi. The Delhi reception was attended by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Mohena Kumari was a part of a popular and longest running television show Yeh Rishta Kya Khelta Hai. Mohena was playing the character of Keerti in the show. Where she raised her fame.

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